COVID 19 Industry Updates – The Impact on Independent Companies


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Dynamic Blending Specialists Inc. - Dynamic Blending Specialists Inc. - Winner

Dynamic Blending is a unique contract manufacturer that focuses on smaller companies and start-ups. Dynamic Blending helps those companies get their foot in the door in highly competitive markets by offering extremely low MOQs and full turnkey solutions. Dynamic Blending works one-on-one with these companies who are trying to get noticed. There are zero turnkey contract manufacturers catering to the little guys. That's where we come in!  

Colour Collective - Colour Collective

We are technically classified as a beauty brand agency, but we are actually so much more. Created in 2012, Colour Collective answered the industry need for a full service development partner that offers not only branding support, but also product development and facilitates product execution. Colour Collection is a resource center for large beauty brands missing an in-house innovation department as well as new start-ups needing guidance when entering the beauty market.

H2O+ Beauty - H2O+ Beauty

H2O+ Beauty executed a comprehensive relaunch in the Spring of 2016 that involved closing its Chicago manufacturing facility and moving its headquarters to San Francisco; refocusing the business model from manufacturing to e-commerce and innovation, reformulating all products, rejuvenating company culture, and expanding its mission - all inspired by a renewed commitment to creativity. The relaunch aimed to better meet the needs to today's consumer. Studying millennials and predicting trends influenced how H2O+ Beauty successfully reinvented itself after 27 years to attract an all-new consumer base. This type of transition typically takes 3-7 years to accomplish, H2O+ Beauty achieved it in just one!