2018 CITY Awards


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Atlantic Coast Brands: I Want My Hair Back - Winner

Atlantic Coast Brands: I Want My Hair Back: This campaign was featured in a Direct Response infomercial and featured a year-long journey of real users who experienced hair loss and used the Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment.  It is the only campaign that addresses women's hair loss.  Most advertising and marketing of hair loss products target and educate men on hair loss treatments and hair loss facts.  Keranique is a one of a kind brand that was developed exclusively for women.  This campaign featured real users who used the product to regrow badly thinning hair.  Their reveals and their reaction to the reveals were recorded.  This campaign was ultra innovative as it takes away the stigma and shame typically attached to women's hair loss and instead is infused with empowerment messaging.  It garnered Top 10 positioning in infomercial rankings.


ECRU New York: BORN IN THE SALON™: In 2018, ECRU New York created the BORN IN THE SALON™ campaign, focused on the brand’s DNA and point of difference.  ECRU New York offers prestige hair and beauty products created by professional hair stylists and makeup artists.  Anchored in a rich heritage of beauty and fashion, every collection ECRU New York is designed to treat and perform.  The campaign is focused on re-introducing ECRU New York’s core message and reason for being to our target audience and prospective brand enthusiasts.  To communicate this message, our strategy has been to leverage all touchpoints, including owned, earned and paid media across print, digital and social platforms.  To underscore this messaging, the IP, BORN IN THE SALON™ was trademarked by ECRU New York.  

Grande Cosmetic, LLC: Grande Cosmetics: 10 Year Anniversary

Grande Cosmetic, LLC: Grande Cosmetics: 10 Year Anniversary: GrandeLASH-MD Turns 10! The product that started it all has been changing the beauty world year-after-year – 10 to be exact! This campaign is dedicated to this celebration, incorporating Grande Cosmetics true brand identity – including our Grande fuchsia color all throughout the celebratory campaign! Innovation is our company’s core and we would not miss out on any opportunity to promote our company’s anniversary.  Throughout these last 10 years, Grande Cosmetics has expanded its mission to deliver bolder lashes, lips, brows, and hair through result driven products.