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California ARB Survey Raises Questions for ICMAD Members

Firms that sold personal-care products in California in 2013 must provide sales and formulation data to the state by March 2, raising questions of data confidentiality and further regulation. 

In a Jan. 22 interview with “The Rose Sheet,” Pam Busiek, president and CEO at trade group Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors, noted that confidentiality has always been important to the cosmetics industry and is one of the biggest concerns about the CARB survey.

“Everyone wants a business advantage, a competitive edge on the commerce side to build their business,” she said. “You don’t want to just open up the world to everything you do.”

She continued: “If [confidential information] were to fall into the wrong hands, unintentionally— I think that’s where the fear lies and that’s why people are trying to be so cautious, though everyone does want to comply.”


Busiek noted that the challenges are “not just in manufacturing and distribution, but really how to comply and how to track what’s happening at the state level.”

ICMAD had been closely working with CARB to facilitate the survey’s completion and industry compliance, inviting CARB staffers to participate in a recent webinar on initiative. Representatives from the board also will be speaking at ICMAD’s Cosmetic Technical Regulatory Forum Feb. 5, according to Busiek.